We used Docker so you can have
your OWN breeder-focused portal!

We like to think of docker as packaging our website framework and tools
into a present just for you!

Either use your own hosting solution or the Compute Canada OpenStack cloud
and Follow our super simple, unwrapping instructions to auto-magically create your own customized portal!

This docker container contains all the Drupal, Tripal and DivSeek Canada extension modules you need to create your own Tripal Crop site. Furthermore, it contains a number of command-line drush commands to make maintenance and administration of your Tripal crop site more streamlined.

Data Types

The following data types are fully supported in Tripal Crop Docker. Specifically, the full data lifecycle from import, visualization, integration and download is managed. Furthermore, all data is made FAIR through searches, web services, extensive metadata support, summaries, relationships between data points + types, display of integrated data on record pages and multi-format downloads.

Software Stack

The following software exists within the current tripal-crop-docker image. NOTE: PostgreSQL is inside the same image as Drupal for security reasons as it allows us to close incoming ports.

In addition, the tripal-crop-docker contains a large number of Tripal extension modules to support crop research and breeding activities.


1) Pull the most recent image from the Github Package Repository.

docker pull docker.pkg.github.com/divseek-canada/tripal-crop-docker/tripal-crop-docker:1.3

2) Create a running container exposing the website at localhost:9010

To customize the installed site, change the variables available in the .env file without removing any. Make sure to change DBPASS and ADMINPASS for security reasons.

docker run --publish=9010:80 --name=tcrop -tid \
  -e DBPASS='somesecurepassword' \
  -e ADMINPASS='anothersecurepassword' \
  --env-file=.env \

3) Provision the container including installation of the software stack including default configuration.

docker exec -it tcrop /app/init_scripts/startup_container.sh

4) Add your species information to the resource using our configuration helper.

docker exec -it --workdir=/var/www/html tcrop vendor/bin/drush tcrop-species Genus species CommonName "Abbreviation"

Make sure to change the Genus,species,CommonName,"Abbreviation with the information for your crop. Run this command once per species you would like to add to the resource.


The first iteration of the platform is funded under a Genome Canada Project with co-funding from other partners.


Lacey-Anne Sanderson, Kirstin E. Bett, Loren H. Rieseberg (2020) Tripal Crop Docker: A fully provisioned Tripal site aimed at supporting crop-focused and breeding research. DEVELOPMENT VERSION. DivSeek Canada Pilot Project: Harnessing Genomics to Accelerate Crop Improvement in Canada.