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3. Deploying the Tripal Crop Docker

1) Pull the most recent image from Docker Hub.

docker pull divseekcanada/tripal-crop-docker:latest

2) Pull down a copy of the default .env file.


To customize the installed site, change the variables available in the .env file without removing any.

3) Create a running container exposing the website at localhost and supporting HTTPS

Make sure to change DBPASS and ADMINPASS for security reasons.

docker run --name=tcrop -tid \
  --publish=80:80 --publish=443:443 --publish=5432:5432 \
  -e DBPASS='somesecurepassword' \
  -e ADMINPASS='anothersecurepassword' \
  --env-file=.env \

4) Provision the container including installation of the software stack and default configuration.

docker exec -it tcrop /app/init_scripts/

5) Add your species information to the resource using our configuration helper.

docker exec -it --workdir=/var/www/html tcrop vendor/bin/drush tcrop-species Genus species CommonName "Abbreviation"

Make sure to change the Genus,species,CommonName,Abbreviation with the information for your crop. Run this command once per species you would like to add to the resource.

NOTE: Your site will now be available at http://localhost or at the IP address of your machine. The administrative username is in your .env file and the password was supplied on the command-line. You can now follow the tutorial provided by Tripal to become familiar with the system.