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1. Finding a place to Host your Portal

The DivSeek Canada Portal is being designed to run within a Docker Compose deployed system of Docker containers when the application is run on a Linux server or virtual machine.

Platform Requirements:

  • An operating system able to install docker and run instances; Linux preferred.

  • The ability to expose ports to the outside world.

  • Enough physical space to house the website containing your data. You can choose to keep all of the following on a single partition of at least 720Gb or to separate into individual partitions as follows:

    • Root partition: at least 20Gb

    • Docker partition: at least 200Gb for docker

    • Each Crop partition: at least 500Gb

  • Enough processing power to quickly deliver pages (at least 4 core, 6 GB RAM) with additional processing power required for analysis completed via Galaxy.

Host-specific Instructions: